Mrs. Sippy’s Soapy Story

I have always loved the Mississippi River. Lake City is where I first fell in love with her. I grew up a few steps from the beach, and my favorite activities as a child were agate and shell hunting. The river was a place to think and recharge as I grew older, and it still is to this day. She will always be my first love!

I began making soap over 10 years ago. Being an art major, I loved the idea of using soap as my canvas, infusing herbs and micas for color and blending essential oils, and a few fragrance oils for wonderful scents. My art would be beautiful, aromatic and good for the skin and soul. I would use only quality ingredients, buying locally whenever possible. It was important to me to be environmentally responsible, using sustainable oils, butters and scents. After hundreds of batches, my soap was perfected – a long lasting, luxurious bar of soap that is fun to use and good for skin and soul. I hope you enjoy using my art as much as I enjoy making it.

Penny Kropidlowski
(Mrs. Sippy)