The Wonders of Goat’s Milk Soap

Mrs. Sippy’s soaps are made with goat’s milk from a local farm. It is wonderful for people with dry or sensitive skin. There are so many good things in goat’s milk for healthy skin.

Alpha hydroxy acids remove dead skin cells leaving new cells that are smoother and younger looking.

Vitamin A repairs damaged skin tissue.

Fat in creamy goat’s milk helps boost skin’s moisture.

Selenium helps to prevent skin cancer and damage from the sun.

Special Ingredients

Natural silk creates a silky lather with amino acids that aid in binding moisture to skin.

Mango butter helps with the effects of aging.

Olive, palm and almond oils are moisturizing and add a nice rich lather.

Shampoo and Body Bars

My shampoo bars contain natural silk and jojoba oil for silky, conditioned hair. Great, rich lather too!

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